# of Rooms
# of Adults (per room)
Bw The Suites At Key Largo, Key Largo Florida

Television with Cable, WC, Indoor Pool, Restaurant
Modem in Room, Barber Shop, Casino
Elevators, FAX, Golf, Laundry/Valet Services
Safe Deposit Box, Outdoor Pool, Jogging Track
Multilingual, Barber/Beauty Shop, Meal Plan - Continental
Live Entertainment, Fire Alarm with Light, VCR, Pool
Parking, Lounge, Air Conditioned
Car Rental Desk, Handicapped Rooms/Facilities
Family Plan, Free Parking
Property Information
Midscale/standard hotel
Mobil 2 stars
Best western suites at key largo will take you away from it all
Without giving up life s luxuries. we ve combined the tropical
Beauty of key largo with the luxury of two-level suites. located
In the heart of key largo, an easy walk to local restaurants
And lounges. take a dip in the outdoor pool, soak up the
Tropical sun, snorkel, scuba dive, fish, or sail. explore the
Only living coral reef in north america and enjoy the
Breathtaking beauty of john pennekamp underwater state park and
National marine sanctuary, the best diving spot in the country.
Experience the mysterious shipwrecks and magnificent reefs, at
Depths ranging from 5 to 130 feet. view the underseas splendor
From the key largo princess glass-bottom boat, or enjoy deep sea
Fishing from one of the many fine charter boats. customized
Dive/lodging packages are available.
Kyl n
John pennekamp park 2 mi n
Mariners hospital/islamorada 10 km s

Room Information:
Nbr of non-smoking rooms - 20
The best western suites at key largo combine the tropical beauty
Of key largo with the luxury of two-level suites. you ll be
Right at home in paradise with: * full kitchen * spacious
Living area * two baths * two remote-controlled cable color
Televisions * air-conditioning * private screened patio
Overlooking the water
Condo-style hotel-all 2-living room suites with full kitchen,2
Baths.pool remote control tv,patio balcony,overlooks bar ina,
Airconditioning,dock space,snorkel/dive/water excursions,package
Available,weekly rates available.
2 phones per suite 1 upstairs 1 downstairs
1 tv in bedroom and 1 tv in livingroom

Hotel Rating: 2

Property Policies:

Check In: 3PM

Check Out: 11AM

Deposit Policy:
When a deposit is required for any best western hotel, we will
Accept a check, money order, or credit card for deposit.
**deposit not accepted in italy, austria, hungary, greece,
czech republic, slovakia, slovenia, france, portugal, ireland,
cypress, and bulgaria**
F o r m s o f d e p o s i t
When a deposit is required, the following can be used:
1. check, money order, bank draft or m.c.o.
2. best western reservation check, if it is too late to send
deposit and client does not have a credit card
3. credit card - the hotel will immediately charge the card for
the first night's stay.
If you are mailing a deposit via check, money order, bank draft
Or m.c.o., please make sure it arrives 72 hours prior to arrival
Or 14 days after booking, which ever comes first. the amount
Needs to be for a one night stay and needs to be in the same
Currency as the hotel in which you are booking.
** deposit for europe, australia, israel **
** and southeast asia **
Check, money order, bank draft or m.c.o. deposits to these
Countries must arrive 30 days after booking or 72 hours prior to
The arrival date, which ever comes first.
All reservations for bw australia require a guarantee.
Cancellation is 48 hours prior to arrival.
** deposits for new zealand **
Deposits to new zealand must arrive 30 days prior to the arrival
** deposits for argentina, brazil, ecuador, **
** uruguay and south america **
Deposits to these countries must arrive 2 weeks after booking or
48 hours prior to the arrival date, whichever comes first.
Reservation check
For an explanation of the best western reservation check, please
Look under * hodbw/guar * and move down to line 26.
Credit card deposit
Most best western hotels will accept a credit card in lieu of
A check, money order, or bank draft deposit. your credit card
Will be billed immediately.
Accepted credit cards in the u.s. are:
Am - amoco multi card dc - diners club
Cb - carte blanche ax - american express
Ds - discover ik - mastercard
Am - amoco torch vi - visa
In canada, er - enroute and jc - jcb are also accepted.
For all other countries, please check property descriptions as

Guarantee Policy:
** best western guarantee policy **
When a guarantee is required, the following can be used:
1. check, money order, bank draft or m.c.o ....... line 14
2. b.w. reservation check/travel voucher......... line 28
3. company name and address - on a limited basis.. line 41
4. iata number guarantee - t.a.g. members only.... line 50
5. corporate i.d. number - on a limited basis .... line 61
6. accepted credit cards.......................... line 73
1. check, money order, bank draft, or m.c.o.
If you or your client are guaranteeing by check, money order,
Bank draft or m.c.o., it needs to arrive at the hotel within 14
Days after the reservation is made, or 48 hours prior to arrival
Whichever comes first. the amount must be for a one night stay,
And needs to be in the same currency as the hotel in which you
Are booking. always check your property information for time
Frames when guarantees by mail must arrive and for amounts that
Must be sent, as some locations may vary. best western accepts
All airline miscellaneous charge orders.
Guarantee format: /g-dpst
2. reservation check/travel voucher
If your client wishes to guarantee his or her room by reserva-
Tion check, instruct them to go to their nearest best western
Hotel and make their reservation. they will prepay for their
First nights stay, and be issued a b.w. reservation check.
Reservation checks are accepted at all best western locations,
However, not all locations issue them. instruct your client to
Call the hotel first to make sure they have checks available for
Guarantee format: /g-dpst
/g-dpst/si-vchr nmbr 123456
Travel voucher:
Guarantee format: /g-dpst /si-vchr number 123456
3. company guarantee
Not all or our best western hotels will accept a company
Guarantee. please check property information. if property
Information states that the hotel accepts company guarantees.
Please enter the company name in the following format:
Guarantee format: /g-company name and address
4. iata number guarantee
If you are a best western t.a.g. member, your iata number will
Also serve as a valid guarantee. please enter your iata number
Into the /g-agt field, and your reservation will be
Automatically guaranteed.
Guarantee format: /g-agt9999999 9999999=your iata number
** t.a.g. guarantee is not accepted in mexico **
5. corporate i.d. guarantee
Some best western corporate i.d. numbers can be used to
Guarantedd reservations for late arrival. if your client owns a
Special guaranteeable corporate i.d. number, the reservation is
Automatically guaranteed when you enter the i.d. number into the
Appropriate field. the best western corporate i.d. number must
Be 8 digits long. if your client has a 6 or 7 digit number,
Please use one or two leading zeros when adding the number to
The /cd-field.
Guarantee format: /g-cr99999999 = b.w. corporate i.d. number
** t.a.g. guarantee is not accepted in mexico **
6. credit card guarantee
For u.s. locations we accept:
Am = amoco multi card dc = diners club
Cb = carte blanche ax = american express
Ds = discover ca = mastercard
Am = amoco torch vi = visa
**airline credit cards not accepted for guarantee**
In canada we accept:
All of the above credit cards are accepted including
Er = enroute jc = jcb international
For any other country, see individual property information as
Credit card acceptance varies greatly from hotel to hotel.
Guarantee format: /g-ax123456712345678 ex9-99 last name

Cancel Policy:
** cancel policies **
Most accurate cancel time returned upon booking. to redisplay
Cancel time, please see hov display.
If you have additional questions, please contact our best
Western travel agent hotline - 1-800-334-7234.
If you are outside the u.s., fax us at 1-623-780-6419, or queue
Us a message to: qkw
*** if a cancellation is necessary, we ask that all ***
*** reservations made through apollo also be ***
*** cancelled through apollo. ***

Local and General Info:
Primary city
miami 56m s trans: t r
General area
Other points
mpb 36m s trans:
mia 54m s trans: t r
ocean reef 25m sw trans:
oca 25m sw trans:
mth 54m ne trans:
kyl 10m sw trans:
key largo 03m sw trans:

Area Airports: 10 Mile(s) SW to KYL airport

From north - miami to florida turnpike south to us hwy 1, turn
Left on ocean dr. or key west to us hwy 1 north. ocean dr.(r)